Inflatable Scrumptious Broccoli Kid’s Costume

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Spooky ScrumptiousThere are two common responses kids have to seeing broccoli on their dinner plates. Either they shrug and eat their veggies happily along with whatever scrumptious meal it accompanies. Or fear shines in their eyes at the tiny green trees that seem to taunt them with their wrinkled stems and seedy tops.It takes time to appreciate a good serving of broccoli. Some of us never get there-there are simply better dinner sides! But whether your kiddo is already a fan of broccoli in every form or shivers every time even the word is mentioned, we’ve cooked up a way to help make broccoli more enjoyable!Design & DetailsHelp your child embrace a huge fear or shine a light on how great broccoli is with our exclusive Inflatable Broccoli Costume for kids! The Made By Us exclusive starts with a bodysuit that inflates with an attached fan to take on the shape of a broccoli floret.When fully inflated, the one-size costume measures 49.5″ around the chest and 33″ from the bottom to the face opening. The arm openings are 8″ in circumference, and the leg openings have an 18″ circumference.Limited sculpting and high-detailed print textures give the costume an incredibly realistic appearance. Meanwhile, an opening at the top of the stem ensures kids can see clearly while they enjoy bringing their thoughts on broccoli to life for fellow trick-or-treaters.Versatile VegetableDoes your kid think broccoli is the scariest vegetable? Or perhaps think the entire world should appreciate the versatile green? Either way, our exclusive Kid’s Inflatable Scrumptious Broccoli Costume lets the veggie come to life! Order the unique one-size costume today to see what spooky or silly ideas your kiddo has about broccoli this Halloween!

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