Inflatable Sloth Adult Costume

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Til butik


How Slow Can You Go? Sloths aren’t so great at track meets and you’ll never see one compete in the Indy 500, but boy are they champions at taking the scenic route. Sloths move so slowly that they frequently forget where they were originally planning to go and just decide to catch a few zzz’s instead. Are they relatable or what? Product DetailsDo things at your own speed when you wear this laugh-out-loud Inflatable Sloth Costume for Adults! The one-piece outfit is made of sturdy white and brown polyester windbreaker fabric with a zipper up the back that makes it easy (although not necessarily fast) to get in and out of. A fan installed behind your left hip keeps you inflated for as long as you’re wearing the costume, and the fully enclosed feet, complete with faux sloth toes, ensures that minimal air escapes. Two attached sloth arms inflate until they stick out to each side as though ready for a giant sloth hug. Human-sized brown mitts are attached to each arm so that you can use your own hands. The fully enclosed oversized head is printed with eyebrows, eyes, a nose, and the mouth is fitted with a clear plastic viewing port. You’ll need to be able to see in order to pick out the perfect location for napping. Rest Is BestWhy join the rat race when you could look amazing while chilling on a comfortable branch. Zip up your costume and then give yourself permission to relax. Putting on an outfit this awesome is the only “work’ you need to do today.

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