Inflatable Turtle Child Costume

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Go to Your Room (Yay!) It must be nice to be a turtle. No matter where you go, you can take your home and all of your favorite things with you. If you’re stuck in a boring class, all you have to do is tuck your head inside your shell to take a cozy nap, read a good book, or watch a favorite show. Your teacher can’t come in after you because you wouldn’t both fit. Lots of situations would be so much better if you carried your home around on your back! Product DetailsYour Halloween or theme party will be turtle-y amazing when you’re wearing your Inflatable Turtle Costume for Children! The one-piece costume fastens up the back and has attached shoe covers as well as holes for your hands. When fully inflated, the outfit looks like an enormous turtle with a brown shell, a striped underbelly, dark green spots and white claws. A hole in the inflatable hood leaves room for your whole face to peek out, and is printed with eyes and nostrils. It’s Turtle TimeHow did that turtle get so big? Was there an incident involving radioactive waste? With its sturdy shell and powerful digging claws, it could be a really cool superhero! On the other hand, it can’t move very fast thanks to all the air that’s keeping its outfit in shape. Maybe it can be the life of the party rather than a crime-fighting newcomer. That sounds like more fun, actually – and you’d probably get more candy.

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