Inspector Gadget Men’s Costume

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Go, Go, Gadget!You know, human-robot cyborgs don’t get a good rap these days. Usually, they end up fairly villainous, or evil, or crazy, and the result is that some plucky hero has to save the day. You don’t often see a good guy cyborg. Go ahead, try to think of three. It’s tough, right? Well, we don’t know about you, but there’s one great cyborg that will always have a special place in our childhood memories: Inspector Gadget, of course! Pick up this Adult Inspector Gadget Costume and show everyone how you’re a good guy…and a cyborg. A Good Guyborg, if you will. Seriously, the nostalgia factor alone will make this costume a hit. And yes, we know his niece, Penny, is really the brains behind the operation, but she doesn’t have hands coming out of her head or extendable legs that help solve crimes, does she? No, she doesn’t! You’ll need this costume to live out your childhood dreams of being a heroic Good Guyborg (we’re hoping this sticks) with all the bells and whistles!Fun DetailsThis officially licensed costume can’t give you extendable limbs, or secret robot arms, but it does come with a pretty rad trench coat style jacket with buttons down the front. A second set of decorative buttons gives it a double-breasted look, because fighting crime takes style. A belt with a plastic slide buckle threads through waist loops on the jacket just for the extra “noir” accent. Meanwhile, the included hat has bendable wire antennae on top, topped with fabric hands. Don’t forget the gloves-you have to make sure you don’t contaminate any evidence you find of Dr. CLAW’s evil schemes.Save the DayIn this costume, not only will you save the day, but you’ll help save human-cyborg relations. Just keep an eye over your shoulder, though, because despite foiling Dr. CLAW’s plans (with the…ahem…direction of Penny) this time, you know he’ll always be back to get you next time. But we know the Good Guyborgs always win out in the end.

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