Iridescent Mermaid Costume for Kids

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Under the SeaSwimming to and fro in the deepest depths of the sea is many people’s idea of a great time, but for you it is just so boring. Sure, it was fun for a while, but wouldn’t you rather be up on the land where the people are? Wouldn’t you rather stretch your legs and walk along crowded streets, getting honked at and bumped into by the bustling crowds?No? Oh yeah, that’s right, you actually do love being a mermaid! And what’s not to love! You have fish friends, the freedom to explore the last undiscovered parts of the world, and the ability to look awesome all the time with your shiny, scaly fins. Being a mermaid is totally amazing!Fish TailFinding the best costume to show off your saltwater-y side can be a challenge, but this Kids Iridescent Mermaid Costume has it all! This dress has beautiful green, purple, and blue colors in a swimmingly pretty pattern that you will love. It will mark you out as royalty, and you will certainly feel like a princess to with all the ruffles everywhere. The details of the costume are not suspicious at all, though they are fishy! You will love the way you look and feel in this mermaid costume.Pretty as a PrincessIf you are looking for the perfect mermaid costume for your child this year, then this is it. This costume walks (or swims) the line between mermaid and princess perfectly, so it is sure to please everyone. Just make sure your child doesn’t get any funny ideas about living life on the land!

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