John Smith Mens Costume

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Going on a Halloween adventure may not be quite as thrilling as heading out on an expedition to the New World, but in either case, you still need to dress properly. Suiting up in our exclusive John Smith Costume is the perfect way to look dashing for any occasion!Packing up your home life and setting sail for a whole new continent, like John Smith did when he helped establish the Jamestown colony, can be a scary thought, but it could also be full of excitement, mystery, and maybe even great fortune! As exhilarating as it sounds, though, it is not a life for the timid, and you’ll need to be cunning, clever, and possess nerves of steel (along with a ton of other useful skills and traits) to be a successful explorer. But when you set out in a rugged and roguish looking costume, you’ll at least appear as daring as a famous explorer, which may be all you need to turn the tables in your favor when you find yourself in a tough situation.Now, we’re not saying this exclusive costume will make you a successful explorer or Halloween adventurer, but it’s a great place to start! The wide shouldered tunic and dark blue pants go well with a pair of cuffed boots, and the included faux leather shoulder strap look good by itself, or with additional costume belts and toy flintlocks for extra detail. Be sure to add the matching blonde John Smith Wig to complete this classically intrepid style, and set a course for adventure!

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