Juliet Costume Dress for Girls

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Starlet in TrainingTwo households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.Your gal can recite this opening to Shakespeare’s classic tale of love and betrayal-and much, much more! Well, that makes sense, since she’s set to play Juliet in the upcoming play. That’s a hard role; good for her! At first, she thought she could get away with just wearing any long, flowing dress and a homemade flower crown. But now that she’s into rehearsals, she’s been pouring over texts about Elizabethan dress, mannerisms, language, and politics. She’s learning about method acting, and how to die well on stage without being cliche. This Kid’s Juliet Dress, then, will prove the piece that truly turns her into her character and allows her to fully embody her role! We’re no true apothecary, but we feel comfortable prescribing this gown for any Juliet wishing to fulfill her starlet potential!Fun DetailsIn true Elizabethan style, this garb is comprised of a sweeping crushed velvet pullover-the look of the times. The dress is detailed according to the proper historical fashion in gold braided trim, a satin bodice inset, and coordinating satin sleeve accents. No need to DIY a headpiece-this costume comes with a stuffed crushed velvet circlet. So when she asks, longingly: Wherefore art thou, my true Juliet style? You can answer: ‘Tis right here, poised and perfected for thine opening night! (Our Elizabethan English isn’t great, we know).Starlet-CrossedYou can’t dress a Juliet in any old garb and hope for the best-no, a true leading lady needs an outfit that reveals her true nature. Clothes do more than just cover the body, they demonstrate unique character. Now, tell her to go out there and break a leg!

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