Jurassic Park Dr. Grant Men’s Costume

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Danger, Uh, Finds a WayThere’s something so fascinating about giant animals that can eat your face. Ask anyone who watches Shark Week – or just ask Dr. Alan Grant. This paleontologist happily visits John Hammond’s theme park in exchange for money for his dig, but quickly becomes a hero when he saves himself and two young boys from the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The moral here might be “Funding is less important than not getting your face eaten,” or maybe “If you’re going to put yourself in mortal danger, always dress the part!” From his bandanna to his signature hat, Grant definitely looks the part of a daring savior ready to pull you away from a dangerous electric fence!Design & DetailsYou’ll be ready for anything in your exclusive Men’s Jurassic Park Dr. Grant Costume! Highlight your rugged good looks in a blue button-down shirt that is fantastic for both exploring dig sites and running for your life. The red bandana ties jauntily around your neck to keep you cool when the sun beats down, or at least a little less wet when you’re hiding in the rain from a giant lizard. A yellow “Jurassic Park Visitor” tag clips to the shirt’s front pocket and lets everyone know that you are an official guest. Slide the two belt pouches onto your favorite belt for extra storage. Top the look off with Grant’s signature safari hat for a dashing yet practical touch. Just remember to hold onto it whenever Mr. T-Rex comes calling!Run from Raptors in StyleSuit up for thrills and chills as the heroic Dr. Grant! When mortal peril approaches, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that whatever else happens, you look absolutely dashing.

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