Justice League Supergirl Costume for Kids

220,00 kr.

Color: Blue/Orange/Red
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: The Wholesale Group
Merchant: HalloweenCostumes.com
Network: Commission Junction

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Just Plain SuperHanging out with superheroes all the time can be kind of a drag. From Superman to Batman, they all seem to have a superiority complex that you wouldn’t believe. That is why you started taking it upon yourself to get out and see the real people of the town once in a while.There are good people out there in the city with no powers at all who are just trying to make it through each day without catching the gaze of any of the criminal gangs or supervillains who are running rampant. You are amazed by the tenacity of these regular folk who bravely face each day with that indomitable human spirit. They are the real superheroes, you think.(Super)Girl PowerFinding and stopping criminals is hard work, but having a huge array of powers might make that a little easier. The powers of a super hero might not come at first, but you have a great Justice League Supergirl Child Costume anyway. The sleek dress and awesome colors will at least make you look like you have some wondrous superpowers, even if you don’t really. This comfy one-piece super-suit with a cape is cute and cool, which is how you will feel wearing it.Super Stylish!If you are looking for the perfect way to fac off with your villains, then this is the costume for you! You will love looking and feeling super. Just make sure you test your powers out before you start fighting crime for real!

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