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Curiouser and CuriouserSo your kid is the curious sort, are they? Well that’s definitely not a bad thing. It is, after all, how some of the most wonderful adventures started. Would anyone have ever discovered a magic land in a wardrobe if a little girl hadn’t ventured inside? Would small British children found a land where kids never grown up if they hadn’t asked a pixie to fly? How would we ever have learned about the Mad Hatter and the Queen of hearts if Alice hadn’t followed a strange white rabbit?As you can see, a touch of curiosity can be quite an asset. People should try new things and go new places! That’s how we make friends and get some awesome stories out of the deal. Of course, if your kid is the curious sort, they should probably dress the part. After all, you need dress for the job you want and your girl is totally an adventurer, ready for the world of Wonderland. If your kid wants to be an adventuring pirate, they should dress like a pirate. If they want to transform into a princess, a ballgown will do nicely. And, of course, if they want to find themselves wandering through the magical world of Wonderland, they should probably dress like Alice.Fun DetailsOur Kids Deluxe Alice Costume ought to do the job nicely. It’s one of our Made by Us costumes, which means our costume designers worked hard to get the look just right! It comes with a blue dress with small puffed sleeves and a white ruffled petticoat. It also has a white apron and black hair ribbon to complete the ensemble. Your child will look just like the classic Alice from the stories. Just remind them that they can’t be late for tea!

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