Kids Deluxe Mary Poppins Costume

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Magic MakerYour child has a fanciful imagination and the charisma to match. She can bring a group of other kids along with her on almost any adventure she can dream up, and her friends are convinced she’s basically made of magic! She can turn any chore into a game, but she’s also not one to be trifled with. She sounds awfully familiar…Has she met Mary Poppins yet? If not, immediately plan a movie night and watch her fall in love with this classic film! Once she’s head over heels for Mary, Bert, and the crew, you’ll want to get her this Deluxe Mary Poppins Child Costume for her next big adventure! Whatever scene she conjures in her chalk drawing, this ensemble will help her make the most of her time there. Mary Poppins is a timeless classic and a must for any magic-lover; enjoy watching your gal come to life as her new favorite nanny!Product DetailsThis is a gorgeous gown with a hat to match! The dress is a white tank layer with a sheer overlay, topped in pretty red bows along the skirt. There is a red waist detail, delicate lace along the sleeves, and a well-poised high collar. Matching glovettes add to the daytime elegance of the outfit, as does the charming, chin-tying sun hat. Ruffles adorn the bodice and make even more magic atop this fine frock! We can’t wait to see what your gal gets up to in this outstanding outfit-it’s just made for fun festivities!SupercalifragilistexpialidociousWhen your girl slides this dress on, she won’t even have the words to describe how great she feels in it-she’ll need to invent new ones! Encourage her endless creativity, curiosity, and cheery disposition with this Mary Poppins look. It’s everything she needs to turn an ordinary Sunday into a jolly holiday!

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