Kids Ghostbusters Feed Me Slimer Costume

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An Appetite For ChaosKids can get crazy when they’re hungry. We’ve heard some stories. There was the hanger disaster of 2017 when the Smith’s left for Grandma and Grandpa’s house that was two hours away. Fifteen minutes in, the oldest Smith said they were hungry. The younger Smith’s then realized that they were also hungry. Mrs. Smith checked all the usual spots and realized, to her dismay, that all the snacks she kept in the glove box, console, and her purse were absolutely gone. It was a long, loud drive that will live in infamy. Then there was young Patty, who wowed our town by breaking down on camera at a baseball game when the hot dog guy ran out of dogs. Oh, and we’re not sure that this has anything to do with hanger but our accountant’s kid, Lil’ Mikey, was once discovered covering everything in the laundry room with peanut butter, including the dog. Have a kid who knows how to get in touch with their inner hanger? This Ghostbusters Slimer costume will be the perfect look to let his or her hangry spirit fly free!Product DetailsThis licensed plush costume will make your child an icon of the Ghostbuster franchise! The tunic is an easy-peasy costume that’ll fit over your kiddo’s own clothes. It has a wide mouth so your kid’s trick-or-treating stash can be stored in costume! The look has the mischievous expression that Ghostbusters would expect on the glutinous blob’s face so your child’s nostalgic costume will be evident at very first glance!Hangry for the HauntWhile this costume might inspire your neighbors to give your child an extra handful of candy, we have other Ghostbuster costumes as well. From the haunting Stay Puft Marshmellow to member of the Ghostbuster team, your whole family can get involved. Now that’s the kind of haunt that’s called for!

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