Kids Harry Potter Deluxe Hermione Costume

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Wit beyond MeasureHermione Granger knows a thing or two about one of the most elusive types of magic in the Wizarding World, time travel. She’s done it just so that she could attend all of her classes in a semester. But if we had a time turner, we’d go back to the first time we met Hermione and judge her with a little more wisdom. The confidence this young witch immediately showed might not have made her the most popular but it saved Ron and Harry’s lives more than once.In the first year, she saves Ron from the devil’s snare with enlightening charm. After that, the uses for her wits are endless from helping Harry see in a storm during a Quidditch tournament. And it’s not all about magic, she knows just what to say when both friends and enemies step out of line or need a little help seeing the light. Hermione might be a Gryffindor, but “wits beyond measure” is still the name of her game!Product Details This Harry Potter Hermione Costume features a Hogwarts uniform dress as well as a flowing wizard robe. The dress has with hook and loop fasteners on the back. The skirt is actually pleated while the top has a printed collar and tie. The black Gryffindor robe has the emblem on the chest and a lining along the interior and hood. Securing at the neck, it’s easy to throw on for a quick game of dress-up long after the trick-or-treating candy is gone!A Little Light ReadingIf your little one is a little like Hermione than she’s probably read her favorite Harry Potter book over and over again already. Now, you can bring a little bit of that magic to life with her own set of Wizarding robes!

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