Kid’s Inflatable Green Velociraptor Costume

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Return of the RaptorsYour little one has been a fan of the Jurassic era since they first started learning about the wonders of the animal kingdom. Dinosaurs were officially their favorite things to ever walk the face of the planet at a young age. Sadly, being born in this day and age means they themselves will never get the pleasure to walk with these majestic and somewhat terrifying creatures.However, we can help them walk AS one of these reptilian beasts. Now, your child can go prehistoric this Halloween when you grab them this Kid’s Inflatable Green Velociraptor Costume. Of course, if the spookiest day of the year is still a ways off, your kiddo can still just enjoy romping around the neighborhood dressed up as their favorite dinosaur. While a lot of kids love the T-Rex for its gigantic size and loud scary roar, your kiddo prefers the cunning and devious Velociraptor. The Fun DetailsYou can easily slip this terrifying costume on your child and make their Jurassic dreams come true, thanks to the zipper located on the front. This costume is green and a tanish-grey color, resembling that of an actual raptor’s scales. At the ends of your little raptor’s hands and feet there are claws, three on each. The raptor’s head, that will be above your child’s head, is designed with a pair of yellow reptilian eye’s as well as a sharp-looking set of teeth!As a last word of caution, be aware that this costume does not come with the batteries required to run the fan need to inflate your child’s dino-suit. Have 4 AA batteries ready to go for when your kiddo’s new Velociraptor costume arrives!

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