Kids Inflatable Prancing Cute Unicorn Costume

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Have Faith!We just had to put this out there. We believe in unicorns. There, we said it. The secret’s out! Yeah, we know that there really isn’t any scientific proof to prove the existence of them and we’ve never actually seen one, but we just have to believe in them, you know? We just have a feeling deep down, that they’re out there somewhere.Besides, they’re such perfect animals! They have rainbow-colored manes, that majestic horn, and a glorious coat of white fur… and our favorite coffee shop even named the most delicious drink after them. We just don’t want to imagine a world where the magic of unicorns doesn’t exist.Product DetailsDoes your child want to live in a world of unicorns too? Well, then let them become one with this Inflatable Prancing Unicron Costume for kids. It comes with a full suit that’s made out of a windbreaker-style material. It fits with a zipper and has elastic in the arms and legs to create an airtight seal. To inflate the costume, all you need to do is flip the switch on the fan, which is housed in the back of the suit. Within a few minutes, the costume will inflate to full size! When fully inflated, the suit takes on the form of a graceful unicorn! It even has rainbow-colored mane, tail, and hooves. The fan does require 4 AA batteries (sold separately), so make sure you have a few on hand to inflate.New BelieversIf your child is looking for a reason to believe, or if they just need a unique look for their next costume party, then this unicorn costume is a great choice for them. And although it might not be proof that unicorns exist in the wild… it might just make a few new believers when people see your child wearing this outfit!

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