Kids Inflatable Red Dino Costume

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Ready to RoarYour child is a bit on the timid side. They sometimes have a hard time raising their hand in class. Trying out for sports is overwhelming to them. And don’t get us started on the school play!But recently a friend recommended an interesting concept-dino therapy! Her son had been dealing with a lot of the same shyness, and now he’s the class clown. Apparently, the process of becoming something powerful and fearless can do a lot for a quiet kiddo’s confidence in a very short amount of time. Cool! This Kid’s Inflatable Red Dino Costume should do the trick for you, then. It’s a ferocious and fearsome dinosaur made slightly silly and fun due to its inflatable silhouette. Your child will love wearing it, and the more they wear it, the more you’ll see results*. Product DetailsThis look gets a lot of life from its inflatable nature! An internal battery pack and fan keep the puffy silhouette afloat. There is an oversized T-rex head, and the whole costume is all one piece in a surprisingly easy-to-wear jumpsuit. A clear panel ensures your child can see where they are going, even if there is still a bit of a learning curve to wielding a T-rex’s tiny arms and long tail. Dino DisclaimerJust know, uh, we’re not actually medical professionals and cannot guarantee this process* above will work. But we can guarantee any dino-loving child will flip for wearing this cool costume. It’s bound to be a Halloween success!

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