Kids Inflatable Riding-A-Red Raptor Costume

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asdfDino Ride What if you could travel back in time to the days of the dinosaurs? What would you do? Would you watch a T-Rex stomp through the jungle, looking for a tasty dinner? Would you find a flock of pteranodons winging their way overhead? Would you catch a baby raptor and bring it home with you, teach it not to bite and to fetch balls, and go on adventures together? Product Details Ride your loyal steed all over the neighborhood! This Inflatable Riding a Red Raptor Costume for Kids is sure to make everyone do a double take when they watch you pass by. The inflatable costume is made of sturdy material and shaped like a raptor standing on two legs. A large tail juts out the back. Step into the outfit like a pair of pants and secure the drawstring waistband. The attached pair of fake legs makes it look like you’re sitting atop a prehistoric dinosaur. Stay on the Safe SideWhile trick or treating this Halloween, why not ask for an extra piece of candy for your ride? He’s been pretty well-behaved so far, but look at his open jaws. Clearly, he’s getting a little hungry. It’s best not to take any risks. It would be bad if, frustrated by the lack of goodies, your raptor decided to see if modern humans taste as good as cavemen. Besides, chocolate is so good that it would make anyone forget to that they usually prefer small animals and meat.

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