Kid’s Minecraft Creeper Inflatable Costume

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Game Within the GameMost fans of Minecraft spend their hours of sandbox play filled with exploration and building. They’ll gather supplies, craft tools, and dive deep into the digital world to mine resources that they can use to construct blocky, but beautiful, masterpieces. They take special care to prevent anything from happening to each new work as well. Whether creating a personal armory of diamond weapons or forming a wide perimeter around their favorite structures, no player forgets to protect against the chaotic Creeper.Except, your young gamer. Your child leans into the madness of the pixelated green monster. They build epic castles and intimidating fortresses and then welcome the mischief-makers into their lair. Then, it’s a fight to the end. A personal test to see how many of the fiends they can fend off before a massive hole is blown into their impressive structures. You suppose this is their response to the idea that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.Product DetailsAs fearless as your kiddo seems against the likes of a Creeper, they still understand the meanie’s full impact. Give them the chance to harness the terror for Halloween with this Minecraft Child Creeper Inflatable Costume! They’ll gain a healthy appreciation of the unlikely villain’s creepy nature when they take on its blocky, hissing form. The polyester jumpsuit inflates into the Creeper’s signature rectangular shape with the help of a battery-operated fan that’s attached to the back.Playful PestSometimes, it’s more fun to work with the madness of a game instead of against it. Your child knows how to appreciate the chaos of Minecraft’s biggest frenemy and mascot the Creeper. They know it’s a bit more fun to create a game out of defending their home base than worrying about one of the green meanies making their way inside. Let them take on the role of the pest turned playmate this time with an inflatable Creeper costume for kids!

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