Kid’s Ninja Master Costume

157,00 kr.

Color: Black/Red
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Fun costumes
Network: Commission Junction

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Scarlet ShinobiWhat is it about ninjas that are so enticing? It may be the mysteriousness that comes when being a ninja. It might also be because ninjas are inherently incredible. Admit it-you would be a ninja for the day if you could. No judgment here-half of the stuff we talk about in the office regard shinobi. If your kid can relate to the whole, wanting to be a ninja thing, and are partial to the color red, we are sure our exclusive ninja costumes will have them flipping in their jika-tabi.You never know when a trained shinobi will pop out of a tree or when you’ll need to go toe-to-toe with a rogue samurai. That’s why our exclusive Red Ninja Master Costume for Kids, made by us, is perfect. Our designers used a lightweight material that could be easily stored in a bag or other secretive shinobi compartment. Make sure your ninja master in training is dressed for the job with a Red Ninja Master Costume for Kids, exclusively made by us!Product DetailsOur kid’s ninja costumes are excellent for several reasons. Firstly, that color red is to die for. Whether you require a boy’s or girl’s costume, our ninja costumes are perfect for your shinobi in training to reach master status. Before your young ninja sets out on their adventure, make sure they have a Red Ninja Master Costume for Kids, exclusively made by us.

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