Kids Pink Elephant Costume

189,00 kr.

Color: Pink/White
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Fun costumes
Network: Commission Junction

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Roar Like An ElephantRoar like an elephant, would ya kiddo? Of course, it’d be a whole lot easier for your child to do an elephant impression if they were actually in an elephant costume, and luckily, you’re in just the right spot for that. Because we’re fully stocked on costumes in animal themes, with the top selections available from around the world and our own selections designed by our in-house team. So, you’re ready to start shopping. Now, the only question is, what color does your boy or girl want their elephant costume to be?You probably didn’t even consider that an elephant ensemble might come in colors other than the gray of parochial pachyderms. But, we’re here to let you know that your kid’s costume choice isn’t limited to that drab color scheme. Because, we’ve introduced a new elephant theme with this Kid’s Pink Elephant Costume. It’s a fabulous, comfy look that adds a big burst of pink pigment to the trunk, tusk, and floppy-eared jumpsuit, and we’re sure that when your kiddo sees it, he or she is going to be enamored. Get ready for the best Halloween ever!design & detailsLet your child become a jumbo pink elephant when they have this delightful Pink Elephant Costume. Made from luxurious soft velour, this suit zips up the back, has a plush tail, and white embellishments at the wrist and ankle cuffs to look like elephant toenails. The headpiece of course, is what does a lot of the elephant costume duty. Feturing ginormous jumbo elephants ears with wire inside for shaping, it also has a plush, fiber-filled trunk and tusk to take care of the animals signature features. The headpiece secures at the back of the neck with a hook and loop fastener, just slip it on and they’ll be ready for a pachyderm commission!Unique costumes for kidsThe jury is in, and they’ve told us directly-this costume gets 5 out of 5 elephant roars for originality! Pair the pink elephant costume with any of the other animal choices from our selection of exclusive costumes, and get ready to assemble your own kiddo powered zoo!

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