Kids Pretty Purple Mermaid Costume

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Princess of PretendDoes your child know how to dive into a game of pretend like no other? When it comes to creative kids what we see and hear is just the tip of the iceberg. The real action is happening in her mind. Sure, she might be playing mermaid, but where is this mermaid from? You might assume that she’s cove-dwelling, hair-brushing mermaid but maybe not. Maybe her mermaid character lives in a mountain lake and hangs out with unicorns on sunny days. Perhaps she lives in a river in the Amazon, battling Piranas and sleeping in the golden waters of El Dorado. You’ll never get to know all the intricacies that go into your kid’s imaginings but at least you can get more of a hint when you dress your little one in this gorgeous mermaid costume!Details & DesignIt’s easy for others to believe your kiddo’s mermaid origins when she shows up to costumed events in this sparkly ensemble. Designed by our mermaid-loving creative team, this exclusive dress has a shimmery opaque mid-drift and sequined shells making up the bodice. lightweight purple material creates a fashionable illusion neckline as well as long sleeves that slip over the middle finger for a princess cut. The mermaid tail is rich with scale-shaped sequins while tulle flares out in gorgeous tiers to create the fins. Secured with hook and loop fastener strips down the back, diving into this mermaid look is a breeze!Riding the WaveWhile this costume is wonderful for Halloween events and themed parties, you might find your kiddo lounging in this costume while singing to herself in her room. Do not be alarmed. This is simply her leveling up in her games of pretend. Sparkly costumes will do that to a kid. Who knows what underwater treasures your little mermaid will find in her magical musings!

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