Kid’s Star Wars Yoda Costume

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The Path to the Light SideDoes your child desire to unlock the secrets of the Force? Well, you could try sending them on a starship ride to the Dagobah system, but that place is full of stinky swamps and dangerous animals. Sure, that’s probably going to do a lot in developing a keen mind and meditative focus, but you do not want your kiddo to catch the Dagobah Dribbles-it’s exactly what it sounds like but from both ends. Come to think of it, it’s probably much better to train your tyke in the confines of your own home. That way, they can do some lightsaber training and then dip inside for nap time and a snack! (One that doesn’t come from the depths of the swamps.) Now, your youngster will need the outfit of a true Jedi if they’re willing to take on the training. Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing for a little Jedi in the making… and it is even inspired by one of the smallest, yet greatest, ever!Fun DetailsBased on the classic Star Wars character, this Yoda costume comes with a cozy jumpsuit that will have your little master ready to learn the ways of the Force. It comes with hand and foot covers that recreate Yoda’s hands and feet. The headpiece gives your child the wrinkly green head and ears, all adding the finishing touch to the look. It’s a great way for any kid to become a Jedi Master without ever having to step foot on Dagobah.Become One with the ForceIf your youngling wants to truly master the Light Side of the Force, there are a lot of options. But, by becoming one with this Master Yoda costume is definitely one excellent step towards becoming one with the Force! (And, even if that takes a while, they’re going to love how cute and fun this costume is.)

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