Kids Stitch Inflatable Costume

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A Small ScampThe first time you watched Lilo and Stitch, what did you think of the little blue alien? It didn’t take long for our opinion of him to change from “destructive monster” to “adorable critter.” After all, Stitch might have the potential to be vile, foul, and flawed, but he’s undoubtedly also cute and fluffy! However, we have to wonder if Stitch’s size has anything to do with how we think of him. What if Stitch was the size of a small human rather than a small dog? Would he be even more destructive? Would we still think of him as cute instead of monstrous? Would Lilo have been able to help him improve his behavior? You might be able to find the answers to these questions when your own small human wears a Stitch costume for Halloween!Fun DetailsOur favorite little blue alien is making his appearance as a big blue alien! Your kiddo will have a blast wearing this Kids Inflatable Stitch Costume. The jumpsuit has a zipper in the back for easy transformations, and elastic in the ankles to help keep air in the costume. A fan is included to inflate the outfit and give your child Stitch’s adorable shape. A transparent panel in the center of the head ensures that the wearer will be able to see-although they probably shouldn’t be piloting any spaceships! Your kid will have a great time acting out Stitch’s adventures, no matter their size.More Stitch Costume IdeasOne of the main themes of Lilo and Stitch is ohana, or family. Make sure that nobody in your ohana gets left behind this Halloween with our selection of Lilo and Stitch costumes! We have costumes for adults and kids, and even your pet! You can even create your own outfit with our adorable accessories. So, no matter who you call family, everyone can be included!

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