Kid’s The Adams Family 2 Wednesday Wig with Braids

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Hair-dly TryingGoing to the hairstylist has always been torture for you. Ever since you were a little girl, you have disliked having to spend time away from your actual torture to go make yourself presentable. That is why you originally starting wearing your hair in two long braids instead of the more natural bald look that you like so much on Uncle Fester.But, alas, sometimes it cannot be helped. That is why, when you do go to get a haircut, you always make sure to hide surprises in your hair for them to find. Sometimes it is a spiked finger trap, sometimes it’s a lot of spiders, and sometimes you just smuggle Thing in! Whatever you do, hearing the stylist scream always seems to make you feel better.Wigging OutIf you are looking for the perfect Wednesday Adams hair, then this is the thing for you! This The Adams Family 2 Wednesday Child Wig with Braids is the exact hairstyle that Wednesday wore in the movies. The long braids of black hair are so iconic that everyone will instantly recognize you as Wednesday. The ornaments at the end of each braid are cool and stylish in this perfect wig! Your child will love having the look of Wednesday’s hair every day of the year!

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