King of Egypt Costume for Men | Historical Costume

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FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESSKings have a lot of responsibility, there is no doubt about it. It comes with the power. Though, when you have that kind of power, there are certain perks, like building massive pyramids to serve as your eternal resting place and commemorate your life. It’s pretty amazing that anyone could build such massive things without the help of machines! Still, somehow they did it. Luckily for us, if we were kings nowadays we’d have a lot more tools to build with!Though it makes you wonder, what would you even want to build? We’ve been giving it some thought, and we think we’ve got it figured out. We’d want to build our purple monster! We’d build his big fuzzy face right into the side of a mountain in Colorado so that everyone could see him smiling down on them while they hit the slopes. It would be positively magnificent!FUN DETAILS The sleeveless tank that you wear underneath pulls over your head, as does the impressive collar and cape that everyone knows was all the rage in Egypt back in the day. The skirt has an elastic waist with a faux leather front drape. A little bit of jewelry helps take this costume to the next level, in the form of gauntlets on your wrists and a medallion hanging around your neck.All the other bits of this costume are great, but the headdress is where this costume really impresses. It’s held in place with an elastic band, and is certain to turn heads and gain respect. While you go about in your costume fit for a king, we challenge you to ask yourself what you might build if you were a king. What would you want to leave as your legacy, your gift to your people? Give it some thought, then get out there and rule your people, kindly and justly!

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