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The comic book world hasn’t been clearly good and evil, hero and villain for a long while, now. Many of our heroes are just a little dark and a few of our villains have some clear justification for what lead them down the road of crime. For some characters, it is still pretty clear. Superman is the boy scout, ever sacrificing himself to keep everyone safe-even the villains. Batman won’t kill in his efforts to solve crime and keep the crazed lunatics of Gotham spending the rest of their lives in Arkham… but he’s comfortable sending them to the notorious prison with a couple black eyes, if necessary. But, where is the nuance? How about the characters who always keep you questioning?Enter Selina Kyle, one of the most enigmatic of Gotham’s residents. Is she a villain? A hero? Good? Bad? Hey, why make a girl choose? One day you might want to steal some expensive diamonds from a millionaire. The next, you might be willing to fight Bane in order to save Gotham City. The only thing a Caped Crusader knows for sure is that it is dangerous to make any assumptions with the dexterous Catwoman!It’s up to you with the licensed Adult Classic Catwoman costume. In this sleek, black fabric and foam jumpsuit, become Gotham’s dark heroine and decide if you’ll team up as the Dark Knight rises or if you’ll take advantage of his clear attraction to you (and Gotham’s endless waves of crime) to slip into the night with your own stolen treasures. Fulfill the legacy of Catwoman and choose if you’ll be our hero or femme fatale. You’ll look amazing in either role!

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