Knife Throw Adult Costume

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Living on the EdgeThunk! A razor sharp blade whizzes past your ear and lands in the target. The burly mustachioed man twirls another butcher knife in his hand as the crowd cheers and squeals with delight. He smiles and nods at you as he hurls another knife and it slams into the target, just inches away from your head. The crowd cheers once again as you find yourself creeping closer to the jaws of death! Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe, you should’ve just gotten this Adult Knife Throw Costume to get the whole circus spectacle experience…Yes, we never had the courage to let a skilled knife thrower toss some blades at you! That’s why we love this costume, since it lets you get a similar experience without any of the dangers.Product DetailsThis costume is really quite simple. It comes with a white, button-up shirt with a collar and faux blood on the chest. The suspenders feature adjustable straps and metal clips that fit into just about any pair of men’s pants. The foam target board is lightweight, so carrying it on your back will be a breeze. It features red stripes, yellow stars, and a few faux blood splatters on the front. It fits with a pair of elastic shoulder straps. Finally, the costume comes with faux knives that have hook and loop fasteners which attach to the foam board. You can attach the knives right next to your face, making you look like a real risk taker without any danger!Skip the Death-Defying ActsWith this simple-to-use costume, you never have to put yourself in harm’s way to prove your mettle! With plenty of faux blood stains and customizable knife placement, you can craft a look that makes you seem like one courageous circus performer.

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