League of Their Own Dottie Luxury Costume for Toddler

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Team CaptainHave you seen the coach for the Rockford Peaches? He’s not the most reliable baseball coach that we’ve ever seen. He spends a lot of time sleeping on the bench when he should be watching the game. That’s why the team needs a solid team captain. Someone who’s got a sense of the game, a good head on her shoulders, and someone who can step up to the plate! How about your little girl?That’s right! We think that your little one could be the next superstar on the team. All she needs is a push in the right direction, and the right kind of uniform, of course! This League of Their Own Dottie Costume is exactly the kind of uniform she needs.Fun DetailsThis toddler size costume is officially licensed from the iconic film. It’s also a Made by Us exclusive, which means you won’t find it anywhere else! The costume comes with a light pink dress that fits with off-center buttons in the front. It also has A League of Their Own symbol embroidered onto the chest. The shorts, knee-high socks, and belt are all a matching red color to add a nice contrast to the classic pink. Finally, the costume even comes with a Rockford Peaches baseball cap. When your girl puts it on, she’ll instantly become the new captain of the team.

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