League of Their Own Toddler Dottie Luxury Costume For Girls

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The Game Must Go On!A new league is forming! They’re gathering up the best players from across the entire nation and we’re betting that your little girl is going to be a shoo-in for team captain. After all, she’s got leadership potential and we hear she’s got a mean swing! All she needs is a little bit of coaching, some awesome team members to play with, and, of course, an extra cute uniform to wear to the next game! We can help your little girl out with the uniform, if you can teach her the game.This League of Their Own Dottie Luxury Costume for toddlers is the easiest way for your child to get into the game! It’s a Made by Us design, which means it’s an exclusive outfit that you won’t find anywhere else!Design & DetailsThis toddler costume captures the spirit of Dottie Hinson, the lead character from the classic film, A League of Their Own. It comes with a light pink dress, which fits with off-center buttons and even features a logo on the front. The shorts-style bloomers are bright ready and fit with an elastic waist. The matching red belt is made out of a faux leather material and fits with an adjustable buckle in the front. Matching red, knee-high socks and a Rockford Peaches hat round out the whole outfit, making it an authentic uniform that your little one will love. It even comes with a padded hanger and a garment bag for storage when your little one isn’t out there hitting home runs!

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