Lego Movie 2 Girls Sweet Mayhem Deluxe Costume Kids

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Halloween Candy ExplosionWhen we first heard the term sweet mayhem, we could only think of one thing. Halloween Candy Explosion! Being huge fans of Halloween, we liked the idea. It offered us plenty of ideas on how to make sorting the loads of trick-or-treating candy that made it home more exciting. Instead of gently pouring it all on the ground, groups of kids could toss it-like confetti! Then it would be a mad dash to grab all their favorites before anyone else nabbed it. There were plans to add a timer to increase the intensity. We considered adding a blindfold into the mix but decided that would just make finding all the right candy too difficult. It was all shaping up quite nicely.Then, someone showed us Sweet Mayhem. At first, we were a little disappointed. But after doing the research, we returned to our epic Halloween Candy Explosion idea. Knowing that Sweet Mayhem would definitely be up for the wild fun, so long as it means bringing people together!Product DetailsGet your child ready to create their own Halloween fun with this Lego Movie 2 Girls Sweet Mayhem Deluxe Costume! Styled after the Lego Movie 2 mini-doll, this 4-piece costume will transform your child into the Systar System’s greatest warrior. The caped dress and pig-tail headband give this playful ensemble a fashionable and futuristic look while the included leggings make the costume practical for your child’s trick-or-treating adventures!Sweet SweetsOkay, maybe Halloween Candy Explosion, isn’t the best idea for kids. But, creating their own sweet mayhem on Halloween is a sure thing. Especially with this officially licensed Sweet Mayhem costume! Whether they simply relive the excitement of Lego Movie 2 at playtime or share their candy with their friends in an inventive new way, your child will be ready for whatever fun comes their way!

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