LEGO Red Brick Costume for Adults

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Humble BricksWhat do you see when you look at a humble 2×4 LEGO brick? Do you see just a small, ordinary block-a mere toy? Or do you see something else? Do you see the cornerstone for your LEGO dream house? Do you see the beginnings of a rocket ship that’s destined for grand adventures? Do you see a pirate galleon, prepped for a grand adventure through the Caribbean? Maybe you see a grand castle to house all of your LEGO knights. Or maybe you see an abstract art project just waiting to be created? The truth is that every great LEGO set begins with just a single brick (we think that might be a Lao Tzu quote or something).To those with a creative mind, the humble LEGO brick is anything but ordinary! It’s the beginning of an adventure, or of creative expression. It represents the limitless possibilities that could happen! Nothing quite captures that spirit like a simple LEGO piece and now, you can share that wild and creative spirit with the world when you dress up like your favorite LEGO brick.Fun DetailsThis adult LEGO Red Brick costume helps you transform into the greatest and most creative toy ever made! The costume includes a red tunic-style top that’s shaped into a classic building brick. It has 8 studs on the front with the LEGO logo on each one. You can wear it over normal clothes, making it a quick and comfortable costume option for anyone who’s a LEGO fan.Build an AdventureBeing the creative type that you are, building your own adventure should be a complete breeze when you dress up in this iconic Red LEGO Brick costume. When you pair up with our other LEGO costumes, you can combine together to make your own custom group!

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