Leopard Costume Jumpsuit for Girls

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SUB-SAHARAN SASSThe African jungle is no place for the meek. If meek animals are there, it’s for the purpose of being prey. (Yikes!) The Sub-Saharan is a prime region for the animal kingdom’s fiercest beasts. Clawed mammals with the sharpest teeth and loudest roars do the best there; animals like lions, panthers, cheetahs and leopards are the top-dogs (or should we say top-cats?) of the Sub-Saharan. Only the strongest and most ferocious survive, making it one of the many reasons why the girl’s leopard jumpsuit costume is a perfect pick for little kids. The disguise ensures girls look ferocious, fierce, transforming them into one of the jungle’s top contenders. Unlike other leopard costumes, this one consists of ‘extra’ qualities making it over the top, great for standing out from the other more basic jungle cats. Move over ferocious felines of Africa, this leopard is going to officially rule the scene starting on Halloween! DESIGN & DETAILSThe Made by Us leopard jumpsuit is an exclusive costume which means you can only get it right here. The leopard-print jumpsuit has a full zipper in the back and an attached tail. Extravagant details like feather edging around the neckline, sleeve cuffs and pant legs are just a few of the fancy features. Some other fancy features include a gold-sequined elastic belt at the waistline and a matching choker accessory. A pair of feather-accented gloves are included with the jumpsuit while a cat-ear headband completes the look. Finally, a sparkly gold bow attached to the headband is the final ‘extra’ detail that really makes this costume pop. ACCESSORIES WITH A BITEEven though this is a complete costume, there are some accessories you can add to really give the costume the golden touch. Pair sparkly flats and a leopard makeup application with the look to stand out in the wild.

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