Light Up Green Witch Girl’s Costume

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Utterly BewitchingAre you scared of going to visit the witch’s house? Don’t be! You’re probably envisioning a toothy hag with a wart on the end of her hooked nose, gleefully cackling as she stirs a smelly brew in her big cauldron. What you’ll find instead is a friendly soul with a love for autumn’s beauty and a big heart for making friends. She loves to spend time with all kinds of creatures, from cats to bats to big, hairy spiders, and finds something wonderful about each one. Product DetailsCast a sweet spell in this Light Up Green Witch Costume for Children! The sleeveless dress has a black bodice with an orange inset decorated with a pattern of black swirls. The armholes are embellished with wisps of colored fabric, fun trim, and a mesh cape. A wide green belt with a gold-tone faux buckle is attached to the waist. Below it, the tiered skirt fans out to end at about knee-length. Its petal-shaped skirt displays a range of colors and patterns, and the bottom layer is sewn with LED lights. Add the matching witch’s hat with its decorative spider! Witches Fly on Halloween Are you ready for your night ride on October 31st? Before you go, gather all of your friends for a fun night of trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. Once all the candy has been collected, swapped, or eaten, then it’s time to get your broomstick and soar to the full moon and back. The stars (and your skirt) will light your way!

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