Link Breath of the Wild Deluxe Adult Costume

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Hyrule is ripe with danger. Why, at any moment you could be turned into Lizalfos food. Moblins lurk around every corner, waiting to ambush you with a giant club. Chuchus are bouncing through the open fields, hoping to smoosh you into the ground. The weather could change at any moment, ending your journey with a single lightning strike. Calamity Ganon looms in the sky overhead. But that’s none of those are even the worst that could happen. The absolute worst thing that could happen on your journey is bad style sense.Yes, that’s right. If you want to make it in Hyrule, you’d better have one cool outfit. You need to show all the bad guys that you mean business and you don’t want the common folk of Hyrule to think you’re some kind of deadbeat. That means you must select your outfit carefully. That means you’d better have this Link Breath of the Wild costume!This officially licensed Legend of Zelda costume is a deluxe outfit that recreates the look from the Nintendo Switch game. It comes with polyester jumpsuit that has a blue tunic on the top with khaki colored bottoms. It also comes with a belt that has attached pouches, so you can store rupees or other tools for your quest inside. Of course, you’re going to want some pointy ears if you plan on cosplaying as your favorite hero, which this costume conveniently comes with. The final piece to the outfit is the boot covers, which fit over any pair of your shoes. Now all you need to do is find yourself a hook-shot!

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