Little Bitty Bumble Bee Toddler Costume

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About our bee friendsSo, you might have seen this in the news lately, but pollinators are super-duper important. They help spread pollen not only to lovely plants like wildflowers and trees, but also to hugely important crops that help feed the whole world! There’s a lot of work to do to make sure our bee friends and their fellow pollinators can keep doing their important job, so, let’s inspire somebody special to take an interest in beekind. And, if they can have some fun while getting that all-important inspiration, well, we’d say that we’re all about that!Hint hint, that’s the exact reason we crafted this Toddler Little Bitty Bumble Bee Costume. An exclusive, Made by Us design, we wanted to create a new design in the world of bee costumes, so we whipped up this number for girls with a tulle skirt and shiny wings. Crafted with our attention to detail and an extra emphasis on quality, we’re sure this costume will provide just the kind of Halloween style she’s looking for!Design & DetailsOur elegant Little Bitty Bumble Bee Costume Dress is perfect for the young, future bee lover in your family. Any toddler will be able to slip in on with ease and comfort. Details like the tulle skirt, bowtie attached at the waist, and horizontal black stripes all add the important “little bitty bee” factor. And, of course, the wings! The shiny wings have wire for shape, and attach with ease so that your kiddo can be a buzzing little bee! The headband with fuzzy pom-poms complete the style.First stepThat’s right, first step is getting her into this bee costume for Halloween, and before we know it, she’ll be planning out a career an a beekeeper! First steps first, we gotta get her into the costume, and all you gotta do is pick up this cute and creative style. Be sure to shop our selection of accessories for any other items you might need to make Halloween extra special, too!

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