Little Mermaid Ariel Girl’s Costume

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A Disney ClassicExploring the ocean floor would be amazing! Just imagine swimming with Flounder and a pod of dolphins through coral reefs and crystal caves. You could seek out ancient sunken ships to discover the treasures hidden within. Napping in the dappled sunlight of a crystal blue bay.All those nautical wonders are just waiting to be discovered, so it’s no surprise that Ariel loses track of time as she explores her surroundings! If your child has a deep well of curiosity, just like Ariel, then she’ll love dressing up in this Girl’s Little Mermaid Costume. It’s an officially licensed costume from the Disney classic!Design & DetailsThis adorable costume takes its inspiration from Ariel, the adventure-seeking protagonist of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The costume comes with a mermaid tail that has layers of large, gorgeous sequins. It also has a flare of tulle at the bottom to create a fabulous tail fin. Sparkling sea shells and ruffled sleeves on the top bring the whole look together. Your little one will be ready for her next adventure under the sea when she dresses in this Girl’s The Little Mermaid Costume!

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