Magical Nanny Costume for a Girl

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A SPOONFUL OF FUNHow does she manage to do it all? She’s just amazing. Magic must run through her veins. She gets all her nanny duties done (and done exceptionally well). By the time her bosses come home from work, this nanny has all the chores completed and she’s even managed to dazzle and delight the children. (Rumors are they even enjoy their math homework, now!) The laundry is washed, dried, and folded; the meal is hot and ready to be served; the children’s bedrooms are organized; they’ve taken their medicine… and the best nanny in the world is waiting for mom and dad at the door with a glass of their favorite beverage and a smile.Now, how exactly has she managed to do all of this with such panache and ease… all while being just a kiddo!? We’re baffled, but she’s clearly found a spoonful of something magically sweet to have the optimistic attitude and magical flair to make us all fall in love with the best au-pair ever!PRODUCT DETAILSWhat a sleek storybook governess your tyke will be in this Magical Nanny Costume. The peplum-style jacket has a single button at the center of the jacket with ruffled sleeve cuffs as a fancy accent, perfectly matching the interior ruffled shirt with a center button. (How polished!) The pencil skirt has a comfortable elastic waistband while the hat completes the ensemble. The hat has an interior wire edge to keep the shape. (Magical nannies must look refined at all times.)THE AU-PAIR WITH FLAIRUmbrellas are to nannies what brooms are to witches. Well, sort of. At least for magical nannies. Complete your kiddo’s Nanny look with an umbrella. They can use it to shield themselves from the rain while seeking that spoon of sugar or as a walking cane for that refined look… heck, we’re sure they’ll come up with something creative!

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