Mario Costume for Toddlers

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Well well well. Look who just showed up to save the day. It’s everyone’s favorite video game character, Mario. But this time, it’s not the video game version of him. Nope, it’s your child, in this Mario Toddler costume. And we think he’s probably the best version of Mario ever!Yes, he sure will be when he’s all done up in this adorable Mario costume for toddlers. He can have the chops of that famous Italian plumber, and be ready to battle Koopas and try to save the day for Princess Peach and everyone else who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. And if you’re not sure he can do it all by himself, just team him up with his brother in a Luigi costume, that’s sure to be enough firepower to save the day!This costume is sure to be just the thing to make Halloween or play time extra exciting and adventureful! 100 percent polyester, the jumpsuit includes a removable belly bad to give your toddler a little extra padding in the tummy to more fully represent the character. It also comes with gloves and the signature “M” hat for the perfect transformation. When he’s all done up in this adorable costume, yessir, we are sure he’s going to be the best Mario ever!

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