Mario Kart Inflatable Kart Adult Costume

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Next Level FunWhen you were little, you spent hours upon hours playing video games. You’d race through your homework so you could get in a game before dinner. And you’d often sneak into the family room after everyone went to bed, lower the light on the screen, and try to beat the next level. But now, you’re busy adulting, and your hours for Mario Kart are dwindling. Last week, you couldn’t play at all, between work and social engagements and boring stuff like going to the grocery store and doing laundry. What’s a Kart fan like you to do without your fast and fun fix? Good thing there is this Adult Mario Kart Inflatable Kart Costume. In it, you can relive your glory days as a carefree conqueror of the leader board and get a big ol’ dose of Mario Kart-plus a costume contest win or two, we’d imagine.Product DetailsYou’ll need to pick up the basic Mario costume to accompany this Kart, because you want the look to be completely authentic, down to the mustache! This cool Kart comes with adjustable webbing shoulder straps for easy wear and a short zipper, which allows access to the fan and battery pack that inflate the Kart to its full length-four feet! Officially licensed and officially awesome, this costume is bound to put you in control of your Halloween game.Back to BusinessEnjoy your time in your favorite video game tonight! Tomorrow, it’s back to paying bills and webinars, but for now, you can race through life and take each moment by storm. You make-a Mario proud. Just be sure to schedule in a bit more “you” time to catch up with the Mario Kart crew.

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