Masha kostume fra Masha og Bjørnen

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Who Wants to Play? Rambunctious. Mischievous. Fun-loving. Full of a ridiculous amount of energy. These are all great ways to describe the small kerchief-wearing girl who lives in a cute little cottage by the railroad tracks and loves to jump around in a metal bucket. She has so much gusto for life that she has completely worn out all of her animal friends, who have no more energy left for games. What’s a girl to do? Product DetailsYou’ll look sweeter than a woodland wildflower in this exclusive, officially licensed Toddler Masha and the Bear Masha Costume! The pullover shirt is made of white jersey knit and has puffed sleeves as well as sky-blue trim and buttons decorating the cuffs. It looks adorable underneath the purple twill dress, which features an elastic-back waistband and a broad border of red, white, and maroon geometric trim on the hem. The large purple headscarf matches the dress. Tie it however you like before you set off to explore the forest! Ready or Not, Here I Come! When the pig is hiding from you in a puddle and the chickens are whispering in the well and everyone else has taken cover to get some rest before your next game, you have to find a playmate elsewhere. Will the big, scary bear who lives in the woods want to play with you, even though you kind of destroyed his beehives and his pretty trophy displays? Of course he’ll want to play! No one can resist your sense of fun.

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