Medieval Dragon Costume for Toddlers

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Dragons Anyone?Some kids were born to be fairies and knights. They bound around with smiles and glitter, or play guardian to every frog they meet in the backyard. Those kids are great. But, let’s face it, they’re not your kid. Your kid is of a different breed. Your kid is fierce and strong and fiery and no simple mermaid or jester costume will do. In this case, we know what you need. A dragon costume.That’s right. Dragons. If your kid has half the personality that we think they do, the only costume that can really suit them is a dragon. Dragons are great. They’re powerful and cool and spit fire, but rest assured, that doesn’t mean that they’re bad. Some are cute and cuddly, winding themselves around trees to sleep in the shade, and some hoard books instead of treasure. Regardless, dragons strong and smart, and if you have a little dragon on your hands, then that’s something to be proud of. As far as we’re concerned, every kid should really aspire to be a dragon at some point.Fun Details So, when your kid is ready to don the fangs and tail of the king of mythological monsters, we’ve got your back. Our Toddler Dragon costume will be perfect for your little one. This full green flannel jumpsuit is printed to look like a scaly reptile, and even includes mitts and foot covers that look like claws. There’s even a respectably stuffed tail, a budding set of wings, and a hood complete with horns and dragon eyes. As soon as they jump in this suit, they’ll be ready to let their regal nature show.One Clawesome CostumeSo, while other kids are running around being princesses and kings, take solace that your child is no mere human. They are instead an adorable hatchling. Which is probably about the coolest costume ever. Just make sure your little dragon knows not to try setting everything on fire, okay?

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