Medieval Knight Costume For Girls

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RISE, SER GAL-AHAD!When King Arthur is getting ready to launch his final go for the Holy Grail and make that tragic attempt to save the world and bring everyone together for an eternity of bliss, isn’t it frustrating that things get all muddled up? You know the story. Jealousy, betrayal, and a whole mess of misunderstandings that even Merlin couldn’t unravel. And, now, here we are… waiting for the Once and Future King to try to fix everything a second time.We figure that if only we had the right knights at the Round Table in the first place, we’d have been able to avoid all that mess! Of course, the first step in making the world much better is tapping the Sword of Kings on the shoulder of your little lass. To heck with the idea that gals can’t stand up for the chivalric code. We cannot wait for our Lady Knights in shining armor to go hacking at the monsters and saving a few innocent lads!DESIGN & DETAILSLet your little one hoist up her sword and proclaim her oath when she dons this Medieval Knight costume for the gals! Our own blacksmiths have been wrenching and twisting chain all month to put together this dark silver-sequin hood. The silver shirt serves as a comfortable base for the outfit. It features a line of silver chain mail for extra detail while the armor is made of sturdy foam wrapped in dark silver to give it that shiny metallic look. HORSE AND SWORD NOT INCLUDEDNow, your lass has more than earned the rank of knight. You should be warned that your newly named knight might be expecting a steed to save the world. We’re a little low on horses in our stables, but we do have plenty of sword accessories and even a few stuffed horsies that might do the job until her true quest begins!

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