Medieval Men’s Warrior Armor Costume

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WARRIORSBeing a warrior would be pretty epic. Even the training would be fun! Sparring with our friends, seeing who is better. The competition would be fierce, and we’d all the better for it. That’s why we would be the best. No one would dare cross us, the warriors… We are simply too big and too strong, they know what happens when they mess with us, thanks to our warrior cry “You mess with the FUN, you get the fun.” While our warrior cry might not be all that impressive, at least our fighting and horseback riding is! There is nothing we can’t do while riding a horse. That’s right, we can even do knit while riding at a trot. Not impressed? How about shooting an apple with a bow at 100 yards while riding sideways at a trot. THAT is impressive. FUN DETAILS This costume is all you’ll need to strike fear into your enemies! It consists of the top, which is made of faux suede and is styled to look almost like a horse harness because that’s where you’ll be fighting from! It is fastened with ties on the side and has a loop on the side for to hold your weapon. All you will need to get for yourself are the sword and the gauntlets and you will be ready to charge into battle on the back of your horse!WEAPON OF CHOICEBefore we go too far, you need to decide on your weapon of choice. People are going to expect you to carry a weapon, considering you are a warrior and all. You could always carry the classic a sword. Or, if you prefer to fight from a distance, you could carry a bow! Still not your style? What about an ax or a club? Whatever you choose, just make sure you know how to use it!

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