Men’s Beauty and the Beast Authentic Beast Costume

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Great ExpectationsA rumor has spread through the village. A ferocious beast resides in the castle deep within the foggy forest. Tales of a true monster that could make your heart stop and your stomach churn! Of course, with a catchy title like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, it does somewhat suggest that an ugly beast is lurking around. Well, rumors can be deceiving!Run a comb through his fur. Fit him with a handsome tailcoat. And voila! Even that so-called ferocious beast cleans up quite nicely for the dinner date with Belle! Now, you can become that handsome creature when you become the iconic Disney character who’s more of a lovable lug than a fearsome beast!Design & DetailsTransform into the beautiful Beast, himself, when you wear this Disney Premiere Beast costume. This is a labor of love directly from our in-house design team and includes all you’ll need to take on the role of the iconic beast with a heart of gold. The jacket and pants feature blue velvet and golden satin trim to bring out the accent in the bestial eyes of the fur-covered headpiece. A matching pair of gloves and foot covers give you the paws you’ll need to dance the night. Don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten that you’re royalty as well, so we’ve included a princely jabot with a faux gem brooch. All that is left is for you to find your Belle so you can tell a tale as old as time!

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