Men’s Black Costume Combat Boots

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Get the Job DoneYou can’t be an effective tactical response officer without appropriate footwear. Right? Can you imagine trying to storm into a hostage situation effectively in a pair of $6 flip-flops? Or wearing loafers to handle gunfire, the heat of agile movements, or the demands of variable situations? Obviously not. So, trust us, pick up this pair of Men’s Black SWAT Boots and keep your footing on solid ground at all times!When you lace up these strong and reliable boots to match your SWAT costume, you’ll be ready to charge into any high-pressure situation at the drop of a hat.Fun DetailsThese slick boots will help you be efficient and stealthy, whatever the demands of the job are that day. The shoe runs over the ankle and is laced up with included black laces. The 1″ thick heel is great for protecting your feet over uneven or dangerous surfaces.Stay Sharp!It’s a tough job, to rush in and protect people in those kinds of dangerous situations. So it’s good to have reliable footwear that will keep your feet as functional as possible. Now just make sure to keep your eyes ahead and level, and your senses keen!

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