Men’s Captain Hunk Sexy Costume

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Shiver Me Timbers!Long ago as a rogue pirate, you overthrew the captain of a ship and set out to take the high seas by storm. Things were going great until you encountered your rival, Ol’ Willie McGee, while pillaging barrels of rum from an unsuspecting island town, and things got ugly. You were taken aboard McGee’s enemy ship, made to swab the decks and cook for the crew, and you lived like a pirate hostage for many years.And then one day you saw your opportunity for escape, and a fellow shipmate helped smuggle you to safety. In the process, your pirate clothes became ripped, tattered, and bloodstained, and you had to make do on dry land in just your boots, skivvies, and a head wrap. But no matter – you were free. And now that your escape is behind you, you’re more than ready to find a ship of your own to sail on a pirate adventure once again. But first, a party to celebrate your return to the high seas! Trust us, no will mind you showing up in this sizzling Men’s Sexy Captain Hunk Costume to the big bash, especially with such a thrilling pirate tale to tell.Design & DetailsWe’ve stripped this captain’s look down to the bare essentials – a vest, hotpants, bandana, sash, and belt. None of those puffy shirts or practical pants here. The vest’s paisley design and fringe accents give this pirate costume swagger, and the included plastic sword will add to your authenticity…though it won’t keep Ol’ Willie McGee at bay, so keep a lookout!

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