Men’s Colorful Mad Hatter Costume

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A Little Change-UpSo you’re filling in for the Mad Hatter this week in Wonderland’s tri-weekly tea party. That’s a pretty good gig! And the Mad Hatter definitely deserves a week off on a tropical island somewhere (those tea parties are demanding situations, from what we hear). Anyway, you’re on your way out the door and the unthinkable has happened-you spilled coffee on your outfit. For starters, drinking coffee in Wonderland is almost a beheading-worthy offense! You need to get rid of the evidence and quick. Good thing we have this alternate Men’s Colorful Mad Hatter Costume all ready to go for you.Sure, it’s not his traditional look, but it’s good to switch it up every once in a while, and it saves you having to explain why you have coffee on your shirt at a tea party…and also where you got coffee or how it got on your clothes. It’s contraband. Oof, you’re lucky we’ve always got your back!Fun DetailsThis look keeps the same…unique…style that the Mad Hatter is known for, with some varied patterns and highlighted colors. It features a checkered waistcoat with one olive green sleeve and one maroon sleeve, patchwork patterns, functional pockets, and of course, fancy tails. The vest has chains with an attached bright blue bowtie, and decorative buttons. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget the hat. It comes with wire in the brim edge for shaping and features creative patterning. You’re all set to schmooze!Coffee BanditWe think this new look will be a hit at the tea party, and no one will be any wiser about your secret coffee drinking habit! Anyway, you’re filling in! It’s not a permanent gig. Just make sure to be a little more careful in the morning from now on-if you keep changing looks, people are bound to get suspicious.

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