Men’s Day of the Dead Plus Size Costume

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Dead Set on TraditionIf you’re planning to attend a traditional Día de Los Muertos parade, you sure as heck can’t just show up in a Halloween costume. No, no. They are not the same holiday! That Dracula outfit you have sitting in your attic will not do. What you need to do is pick up this Men’s Day of the Dead outfit and arrive in appropriate style.In this look, you have the perfect mix of formal and flashy. You’ll stand out from the crowd and will make it known that you’ve taken the time to learn and appreciate the fascinating cultural history of the Day of the Dead.Fun DetailsThis bold red faux suede jacket has a black satin lapel and sewn on roses that give it stand-out style. Decorative buttons can be found on the waist and sleeves. Meanwhile, spider web patterns on the jacket and pants add an eerie tinge to the outfit’s tone. The faux suede pants match the jacket and likewise have a black satin strip down the outer seam. Don’t forget the red cummerbund that highlights the formal design. Finally, the included formed felt hat has a black band on the brim and is covered in…more roses (you can never have enough). It’s everything you could ask for to celebrate the remembrance of the dead. Just make sure to practice your makeup techniques first-they are essential to pulling off this look and fitting in at the parade!Spooky and ArtisticWhile you’re out celebrating, make sure to appreciate the artistic value of everything around you. The colors, the music, the food, the customs-this is a holiday worthy of your finest festive spirit! This costume is designed to pay homage to this wonderful holiday, and we hope that you will have a great time wearing it. Don’t get caught dead in anything less than the best!

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