Men’s Deckhand Sailor Costume | Sexy Sailor Costume

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Service IndustryYou’re a guy who loves to serve. You’ve been a teacher, a volunteer firefighter, and a hotel concierge. Now, after years in food service, you’re looking for a new path, something a bit more adventurous. Have you considered a career on deck? The life of a deckhand may not always be glamorous, but it’s rewarding and fun, it keeps you active and healthy, and it’s definitey helpful. Those ships don’t sail themselves! We thought you’d be into it! You have that “born to sail” look about you. The trouble is, your clothes don’t quite match the persona. Rig up this Deckhand Sailor Men’s Costume-a throwback to original uniforms-and find yourself the next boat to leave the docks! It’s sea-“worthy” work, and you’re bound to become a super-helpful addition to any crew you choose.Fun DetailsThis nautical look harkens back to times when uniforms had class and “jeans” weren’t the answer to every occasion. The vintage-inspired detailing lends your look style and panache, and that’s exactly the kind of sailor you intend to be. Included are a navy blue sleeveless shirt and matching flared pants. The shirt boasts a white-and-red striped inset, while the pants have decorative white buttons. You’ll want to note the cool sailor collar and detailing, but what you’re really amped for is the white hat with red trim, which really anchors your new look. We think just the sight of you in this costume is a service to humanity!All Hands on DeckGet ready to work for that room and board on the ship-if just anyone could be a sailor, then everyone would be! You’ve got that special quality about you, one that says, “I’m not afraid of hard work.” The good news is, when you work hard, you get to play hard. So have a great time taking your new look out on dry land for a night in port-just don’t forget to tip your bartender. You used to be one!

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