Mens Evil Fast Food Clown Costume

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Would You Like Fries with That?Food service can be the pits sometimes. Rude customers, long shifts, sticky floors, and management doesn’t let you keep any of those awesome ketchup packets! It doesn’t matter anymore, because you have taken matters into your own hands and cooked up a devious plot – literally. Slowly but surely, you have succumbed to your dark side and become a fast-food force to be reckoned with. The last person to leave your cash register gasps in horror: Her French fries box has a human finger inside! Another customer screams: His hamburger is topped with brains! They bolt screaming for the door, but it is locked. They’re trapped inside your scary short-order scheme!Product DetailsServe up thrills and chills in your Men’s Evil Fast Food Clown Costume! From a distance, your victims – um, we mean customers – may assume from your red-and-white striped sleeves and yellow vest and pants combo that you are just a cheerful mascot come to drum up excitement about chicken strip combos. The skull emblem printed on your vest soon proves them wrong! Your outfit comes printed with dirt and stains because this isn’t your average diner – terrible things happen behind the scenes!Burgers and BrouhahaAs an evil fast-food clown, you’re more likely to serve up mayhem than milkshakes! Customers may come for the burgers, but they’ll stay for the petrifying atmosphere. Actually, they’ll stay because they can’t leave! No one escapes the horror of a creepy clown peddling nuggets and nightmares!

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